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You Can’t Avoid Chronic Halitosis

If you haven’t been included in any social events lately it could have something to do with your breath. Even the life of the party will get uninvited if they have recently developed chronic halitosis.

4 Seasons Dental explains that chronic halitosis is a condition that is far different from morning breath and twice as offensive.

Chronic halitosis is twice as offensive because there is literally nothing that even the strongest breath mint in the world can do about it.

Help for Chronic Halitosis

4 Seasons Dental has the tools you need to get your teeth and gums back on the road to recovery. Most people who suffer from chronic bad breath have gum disease, tooth decay or both.

While some have medical conditions that cause chronic halitosis, most are just not good at practicing oral hygiene.

Your Milton-Freewater Dentist explains that good oral hygiene means brushing twice, flossing once a day.

Good oral hygiene also means regular dental checkups and twice yearly professional cleanings with 4 Seasons Dental. Add a good healthy diet to the mix and you are well on your way to practicing proactive dentistry.

Bad Habits and Chronic Halitosis

Of course, proactive dentistry also means stopping some of those habits that aren’t so good for health. Those habits include tobacco and alcohol.

While the dangers of tobacco to overall health are well known, most ignore the problems it can bring to teeth and gums.

If you chew tobacco your gums will suffer as there are more chemicals in tobacco than there are in cigarettes. In addition chewing tobacco contains sugar and added flavor to make them more popular. Moreover that sugar causes tooth decay. People who chew are also more susceptible to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Smoking and Teeth and Gums

Smoking cigars, cigarettes and pipes is just as bad when it comes to oral cancer and bad breath. The best way to prevent chronic halitosis and oral cancer is to give up these habits. If it’s too difficult to quit, talk to your doctor.

Bad Breath and Alcohol

Alcohol is another problem when it comes to chronic bad breath. Drinking lots of alcohol is also bad for your health. While drinking occasionally isn’t a problem doing it regularly can cause overall and oral health issues.

Chronic Halitosis Help in Milton-Freewater

Call or schedule an appointment with 4 Seasons Dental. The team will be able to get to the bottom of your issue helping you get back to the happy social life you used to have before you suffered from chronic halitosis.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Milton-Freewater today.

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