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4 Seasons Dental Milton Freewater Dentist

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No Excuses with Needle Free Dentistry

If you are one of those people who avoids the dentist in Milton-Freewater like the plague you haven’t heard of needle free dentistry.

Needle free dentistry really is needle free and the best way to help you get your teeth and gums back on the road to health.

Milton-Freewater Needle Free Dentistry

Let’s face it, nobody likes needles. In fact, some are downright terrified, but thanks to needle free dentistry in Milton-Freewater patients are returning to the dentist for healthy teeth and gums.

Solea is a dental laser that eliminates the dental drill for nearly all of the dental procedures from 4 Seasons Dental and because lasers reduce pain and swelling anesthetic is rarely, if ever needed. That is what makes this dental practice in Milton-Freewater needle free.

Laser Dentistry in Milton-Freewater

The majority of soft and hard tissue dental treatments from 4 Seasons Dental is done without an anesthetic.

The soft tissue procedures in Milton-Freewater are anesthesia free AND blood free. This is a huge advancement in the field of dentistry as multi quadrant treatments are easily completed in a single dental appointment.

With Solea in Milton-Freewater you won’t have to deal with the numbness and often groggy feeling that you get with anesthetics and dental sedation.

Sedation Dentistry in Milton-Freewater

Speaking of dental sedation, it is the number one reason so many have returned to the dentist after all of these years.

People who have neglected old restorations and teeth and gums are well on the road to health when they become patients of 4 Seasons Dental.

The team from 4 Seasons Dental are the compassionate dentists offering sedation dentistry to patients suffering from mild, moderate and severe dental phobia. You truly are in the best hands if you want to get your teeth and gums in shape again.

Dental Care in Milton-Freewater

Your favorite dental office offers nitrous oxide and pill medication for people who have dental fear. In addition, for those who have serious dental phobia IV Sedation may be the answer.

Talk to 4 Seasons Dental about IV sedation. This is perfect for people who have serious dental anxiety. This type of dental sedation is also excellent if you are having multiple procedures at once.

Whether you are in search of a needle free dentist or would like to learn more about dental sedation 4 Seasons Dental has the answer. Call or send a text and find out more today.

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