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Drill Free with Solea in Milton-Freewater

If you can’t remember the last time you visited your local dentist, and really don’t care to because of your anxiety, it’s time to call your dentist in Milton-Freewater.

The team understands your anxiety and offers needle and drill free dentistry that is perfect for anyone that suffers from mild to moderate dental fear, or anyone who prefers to save time and money.

No Anesthetic with Dental Lasers

Dr. Todd Schroeder uses dental lasers replacing the drill for nearly all dental procedures performed at the 4 Seasons Dental practice in Milton-Freewater. In fact, most of the doctor’s patients say no to anesthetic.

Solea Dental Lasers

One of the biggest advantages of Solea is recovery time. Conventional dentistry involves needles and drills. Drilling nearly always requires anesthetic usually administered by a needle.

Approved by the FDA for both soft and hard dental procedures Solea is a CO2 laser system that can be used for most procedures including complex dental procedures.

Dental Lasers the Way of the Future

One of the biggest advantages of Solea is efficiency. Dr. Schroeder and his team are able to complete multi quadrants in a single dental visit. In the past it could take up to four dental visits to complete all four quadrants.

Moreover your dentist in Milton-Freewater uses laser dentistry for same day fillings and soft tissue treatments. What that means is you and your family are able to spend less time at the dentist. Less time means less money.

Another advantage is swelling and pain. If you have ever had anesthesia you know how problematic it can. Firstly there’s the pain that comes after the medication wears off. Secondly, you have to overcome the numb sensation and slobbering that comes from anesthetic.

Complex Dental Procedures

If you have been told you need multiple dental procedures talk to your Milton-Freewater dentist about Solea dental lasers.

You’ll love the fact that you’ll never have to worry about slobbering or waiting for someone to drive you home from the dental practice. You won’t have to worry about pain or swelling afterwards either.

For multiple procedures, such as deep cleaning all four quadrants, multiple tooth repairs, fillings and other same day procedures, Solea takes the pain and pressure out of the entire dental visit.

Solea instead of Fear

You don’t have to live in fear because of the drill or the needle. Call or send a direct message and talk to a team member from 4 Seasons Dental today.

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