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From cavities to oral surgeries, Solea laser dentistry is simply the best when it comes to pain free dentistry in Milton-Freewater.

Laser Dentistry for a Pain Free Visit

If you have been avoiding the dentist because you don’t like needles you don’t have to anymore.

4 Seasons Dental in Milton Freewater is a needle free dental practice that helps patients just like you get the care they need.

Billions of people all over the planet shiver when anyone mentions the word needle, especially when the dentist is the one who is saying it.

Solea Laser Dentistry

Fear of needles is a real thing but thankfully those days are over. 4 Seasons Dental uses the Solea dental laser replacing dental drills in many of the dental procedures at this dental practice in Milton-Freewater.

Moreover, the procedure is so painless that most patients skip anesthesia all together. Furthermore, most treatments are completed without residual bleeding and/or swelling. Dental appointments have never been easier thanks to 4 Seasons Dental and laser dentistry.

What is Solea?

4 Seasons Dental explains that Solea is the first CO2 laser for dentistry that was cleared for both soft and hard tissue dental procedures by the FDA.

With its unique proprietary wavelength and sophisticated system, Solea delivers painless laser therapy for gums and teeth.

From cavities to oral surgeries, Solea laser dentistry is simply the best when it comes to pain free dentistry in Milton-Freewater.

Multiple Procedures in One Appointment

One of the best things about laser dentistry in Milton-Freewater is time. When you have laser dentistry you are cutting the time down on every procedure.

For example, if you are having a deep cleaning conventional dental tools usually require four dental appointments, one visit for every quadrant. That means more time away from work and your family.

With Solea your Milton-Freewater family dentist can take care of more than one quadrant in a dental visit. This means you are saving time and money.

In addition other types of procedures that are more invasive will not require as much downtime if any.

Laser Dentistry in Milton-Freewater

Not all dentists in Milton-Freewater offer Solea laser dentistry but 4 Seasons Dental does.

Always on the cusp of new and exciting dental technology laser dentistry is just the beginning when it comes to 21st century dental technology from this dentist in Milton-Freewater.

If you have a fear of needles call or send a direct message. Laser dentistry is the only way to nip that fear in the bud.

Send a direct message for more information regarding Solea laser dentistry today.

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