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Chewing Tobacco It Isn’t Safer

Chewing tobacco isn’t good for your body or your teeth and gums. While you may think that tooth stains are the only drawback to chewing think again.

Your dentist in Milton-Freewater explains that some people think chewing tobacco is safer for you. Sadly that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Chewing tobacco is just as dangerous if not more deadly for teeth, gums and your overall oral health.

Oral Health and Chewing Tobacco

You would have to be hiding under a rock not to know that tobacco is bad for your health. It causes oral cancer and all sorts of other health problems, but that isn’t the only thing chewing tobacco does.

Chewing tobacco is loaded with chemicals. In fact, a pinch of snuff has more chemicals than a cigarette. While both are just as bad for you chewing tobacco also contains sugar. This makes it taste better and more appealing to users.

People who chew place a pinch of tobacco between their gum and lip. The juices from the tobacco are sucked and then spit out. This allows the nicotine to absorb into the users bloodstream through the mouth tissue.

Chewing tobacco contains more nicotine than cigarettes. In fact, three times more. This makes snuff more addictive.

The Problem with Snuff

Chaw, another nickname for chew, is also associated with leukoplakia. This condition causes plaque or white patches inside the mouth and soft tissues. Researchers believe this is a precursor to cancer.

According to 4 Seasons Dental Chewing tobacco causes gum recession as well as tooth decay and gum disease. Men who chew tobacco are also more prone to abnormal sperm cells.

Cancer and chaw are partners in life. Chew contains over 28 chemicals known to cause cancer of the pancreas, throat and mouth.

People who chew tobacco also say it is more difficult to quit than cigarettes which is probably true because of the high nicotine.

Snus isn’t Safer than Chaw

The latest craze comes in the form of tobacco loaded pouches that the user places between his or her cheek and gum. Claimed to be much less messy because the sacks are discarded after use, they still have the same active ingredients that chaw does.

Chewing Tobacco Users May Deal With:

  • Chronic Bad Breath
  • Stained Teeth
  • Loss of Taste and Smell
  • Higher Risk of Tooth Decay

Snuff It’s Just Not Healthy

The bottom line? Give it up. You, your body and your teeth and gums will thank you for it. If you do smoke, schedule an appointment with 4 Seasons Dental. You’ll be glad you did.

Call and schedule a dental checkup and comprehensive cancer screening in Milton Freewater today.

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