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CEREC® Means Less Dental Appointments

Wouldn’t be great if you didn’t have to spend hours at the dentist’s office for crowns? Now you don’t have to.

With CEREC® in Milton-Freewater you can walk in with a bad tooth and walk out with a beautiful restoration that didn’t take multiple dental appointments with a cosmetic dentist.

CEREC® in One Visit

4 Seasons Dental offers one day dentistry with CEREC® that will leave the other cosmetic dentists in Milton-Freewater behind.

Dr. Todd Schroeder believes that you can have a brand new crown that is just as strong as other types of crowns including metal to porcelain and porcelain.

What that means for you is a new restoration that only takes one visit. In other words you will spend the same amount of time in the chair that you would for a normal dental appointment in Milton-Freewater.

How CEREC® Works

Using CAD/CAM technology the team from 4 Seasons Dental takes digital pictures offering the doctor in Grants Pass a 3D image of the damaged tooth.

The images also help the software create a custom dental crown that is perfectly matched to the color of the tooth.

When Dr. Schroeder is happy with what he sees on the computer screen the images are sent to the Milling machine which is also on site.

The milling machine examines all the data before creating a perfect custom made dental crown that will give you a new restoration that feels and looks natural.

Is Everyone a Good Fit?

While most patients are great candidates for CEREC® you will need to see your cosmetic dentist in Milton-Freewater beforehand.

Only Dr. Schroeder will be able to determine if you and this type of crown are meant for each other. With a thorough examination the two of you will be able to find out if CEREC® is the best restoration for your needs. In most cases it usually is.

Other Types of Dental Crowns

If you decide that CEREC® isn’t your best option 4 Seasons also offers traditional cosmetic dentistry using conventional dental crowns, inlays, onlays and of course dental bonding for teeth that don’t require a large filling.

Whatever you need Dr. Schroeder and his team are ready to come to your rescue. Schedule an appointment and find out how one day dentistry can change your life.

Schedule a CEREC® appointment in Milton-Freewater with 4 Seasons Dental today. You’ll have more time and money on your hands when you do.

Send a direct message and schedule a consultation today.

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