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4 Seasons Dental for Oral Health

At 4 Seasons Dental you can expect the best oral health care for every member of your family.

From restorative to cosmetic dentistry and everything in between you won’t find a better family dentist in Milton-Freewater.

For decades 4 Seasons Dental has kept families free from decay and disease because the team practices preventive dentistry along with patient education.

Patient Education and Oral Health

One of the biggest responsibilities of any dentist in Milton-Freewater is patient education. As doctors who believe there is a connection between overall and oral health, 4 Seasons Dental pays attention when you sit in the dentists’ chair.

During your examination the team will examine your teeth and gums along with your chewing system. Each doctor looks for anything that looks amiss such as puffy and bleeding gums and leaky dental restorations. The doctors also examine your bite and temporomandibular joints.

This will tell your dentist the health of your teeth and gums and what can be done to get them back to health, especially if you suffer from periodontal disease.

In addition to the examination your Milton-Freewater dentist will discuss your oral hygiene habits including how often you brush and floss. Your dentist is also able to tell if you aren’t flossing because of a buildup of plaque and tartar.

The Plaque and Tartar Connection

4 Seasons Dental explains that when it comes to the connection between plaque, tartar and oral health inflammation seems to be at the top of the list.

When your gums become inflamed pockets form between your teeth and gums. This is a sure sign of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease or periodontitis is the serious form of gum disease. While gingivitis, the mild form of the disease is curable, periodontitis is not.

Scientists believe that the plaque and tartar on your teeth along with bacteria gets to the bloodstream through the pockets previously discussed. Attaching itself to the blood vessels and arteries in your heart gum disease leads to respiratory problems but that is not all.

Oral and Overall Health

According to 4 Seasons Dental periodontitis is predominant in people who suffer heart attacks and stroke.

In addition those with diabetes have a higher propensity of gum disease as do people with HIV/Aids and other systemic diseases.

The best way to protect your body is to look after your oral health. This means good oral hygiene habits at home, a healthy diet and regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.

When you look after your teeth and gums your body will thank you for it. Schedule an appointment with 4 Seasons Dental in Milton-Freewater today.

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