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No More Dental Anxiety with Solea

Dental fear is something that affects billions of people all over the planet. So much so that it prevents them from having the dental care, they need. Sadly, skipping dental appointments means procedures will be more complicated.

For example, a small cavity is an easy fix with a single dental appointment while a large one will take a couple of dental appointments because you waited too long. What could have been a simple filling is now root canal therapy and a dental crown. You don’t have to live in fear thanks to the team from 4 Seasons Dental.

Needle Free Dental Practice

4 Seasons Dental is proud to offer needle free dentistry for most procedures using laser dentistry. Solea is a laser that puts an end to the drill while reducing or eliminating pain. In most cases, patients say no to anesthesia because it isn’t necessary. Dental lasers also mean less time in the chair and less recovery time.

What is Solea?

Cleared by the FDA for both soft and hard tissue dental procedures, Solea is a CO2 laser that delivers almost painless dental treatments. Your dentist in Milton-Freewater explains that Solea works for anything from simple fillings to complex dental surgeries. In fact, most patients will tell you they don’t even feel like they have been to the dentist.

Why 4 Seasons Dental Loves Solea

The team from 4 Seasons Dental explains that the majority of both soft and hard tissue procedures are completed without anesthetic. Soft tissue procedures are virtually blood free and anesthesia free. This means multi-quadrants can be completed on a single dental appointment, as can soft tissue procedures.

What Solea Means for You

Your dentist in Milton-Freewater explains that patients receive dental care in less than half the time. It also means you won’t have to leave the office with a numb face. With Solea, you can get back to work or whatever you had planned for the day. It really is that simple.

Because Solea is noise, needle, drill, blood, and suture free you will have less anxiety the day before and the day of your appointment. If you suffer from dental fear you will love the unique experience brought to you by 4 Seasons Dental and Solea.

If you would like to learn more about needle free dentistry in Milton-Freewater, call and schedule a dental consultation with 4 Seasons Dental.

Dental anxiety is a thing of the past with Solea. Call and schedule a dental appointment in Milton-Freewater today.

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