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Milton-Freewater CEREC® Dentist in One Day

For some people time is of the essence and a real luxury. This is especially true when it comes to self-care.

Thankfully, modern dental technology has made it easy to restore your teeth back to their former glory. Same Day Dentistry has changed the way people smile and can give you a brand new grin in as little as a single dental appointment.

Same Day Dentistry

Same Day or chairside dentistry is an excellent solution for people who have chips, cracks, or broken down teeth. If you need a dental crown or crowns, CEREC® is remarkable and is just as strong as porcelain to metal or metal.

One of the biggest advantages of CEREC® is that is looks identical to the rest of the tooth and your smile. No one will ever know that you have a dental crown when you work with the CEREC® team from 4 Seasons Dental.

4 Seasons Dental and CEREC®

CEREC®, which stands for chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, is a specialty offered by your Milton-Freewater dentist. This chairside solution for chipped and cracked teeth is done on site so you don’t have to run all over town getting x-rays, impressions and anything else that your dentist in Milton-Freewater can’t handle.

What is CEREC®?

CEREC® replaces traditional dental crowns in that it eliminates messy molds and impressions. Because your cosmetic dentist takes digital impressions with the special equipment using CEREC® software, you won’t have to wait for your new dental crown.

Once the impressions are sent to the milling machine for manufacture, which is also in house, you’ll only have to wait about 45 minutes. That means you’ll have a new dental crown in less than two hours. Traditional crowns often take two, or even three dental appointments for the final restoration.

With CEREC® you’ll walk in needing a crown and walk out with a brand new permanent dental crown, not a temporary one.

Is Everyone a Good Candidate for CEREC®?

Of course, 4 Seasons Dental has the final say when it comes to CEREC® candidacy. However, most people are suitable for CEREC® have great success. Again, only your Milton-Freewater dentist will know if you and CEREC® are a good fit.

What CEREC® is Good For

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Small Spaces Between Teeth
  • Dental Implant Artificial Teeth
  • Small Cavities
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • It’s amazing what can be done in a day when you work with the cosmetic dentistry team from 4 Seasons Dental. You really can walk out with a brand new smile in a single dental appointment with CEREC®.

Call for a No Obligation Consultation

If you would like to learn more about same day dentistry with CEREC®, or any other type of dental procedure, including a virtual smile consultation, call, click, send a text or a direct message to 4 Seasons Dental today.

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